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  • 3.7.18 May 5, 2022
    Automatic historical archive to prevent handwriting loss is added (it will be triggered automatically when a large number of handwriting loss is detected in mindmap / document, and the notes before loss will be saved as history archive).Modify the reference mechanism to provide a safe reference mechanism. (deleting a node will not affect other nodes that reference it, and other reference nodes will automatically become clone nodes).
    Fix bug: Fix the problem that some title links in card comments are not displayed;Fix crashing on open specific PDF;Fix the problem of abnormal mindmap caused by merging the summary into the parent node;Fix the display effect of dragging frame structure cards in the floating window and the problem of multiple selection of cards;Fix the problem that frequently opening the card Editor could cause the Pencil Kit to crash.more
  • 3.7.17 Jan 24, 2022
    Solve the issue of OCR online correction error.Solve the issue of crashing on constantly creating new windows.Solve the issue of PDF page drift caused by entering and exiting the editing state under the Bluetooth keyboard.Solve the issue where eraser could not take effect when switching focus.
  • 3.7.16 Dec 4, 2021
    Improvements and bug fixes.
  • 3.7.15 Oct 26, 2021
    Improvements and bug fixes.
  • 3.7.14 Oct 22, 2021
    Improvements and bug fixes
  • 3.7.13 Sep 11, 2021
    Fix the problem that handwriting of documents may cause App to crash.
  • 3.7.12 Aug 17, 2021
    Fixed some bugs in the previous versions.
  • 3.7.11 Jul 28, 2021
    Fix the problem that when a data conflict occurs during notebook synchronization, the wrong data may be reversely synchronized to the cloud. Solve some problems caused by the last version update. Fix some other bugs.
  • 3.7.10 Jul 22, 2021
    Feature update: Adding/Removing pdf page implemented by virtualization technology can add book pages from pictures and other PDFs more quickly and safely. Add a review setting: the entire card as the front of the card by default. Add a handwriting setting: Allow focus handwriting to be displayed globally. Fix the bug.
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